Mini USB PC Fridge Beverage Cooler





When you are at the office, time is crucial. You don’t have time to breathe, much less mosey on over to the fridge, grab a fresh beverage, and drink it, oh no.

Thankfully, others have noticed the errors of this flawed system, and invented the USB refrigerator. This computer-powered desktop fridge has enough room for your favorite drink, letting you keep it cool and crisp while you dive into mind-numbing work -- or keep a soda ice-cold while you drink another.

Our "cooler" cooler requires no installation; just plug it into your PC and keep cool with a temperature controlled plate. The USB cord is 4 feet long, in case you work an ungodly distance away from your computer and can’t spend a second to roll your chair over a bit. But hey, that’s why it’s a time saver, baby!

Note: The USB Fridge may not be tall enough to handle all cans, so freakishly tall energy drink cans (you know who you are!) may not fit.

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